Senin, 18 Januari 2016

The OIC UNITED NATIONS send troops into suggest Syria

The organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) calls upon the Security Council to consider the dispatch of peacekeepers to Syria as an urgent step.
It is said by the OIC, the troops can help stabilize Syria so that it could reduce the flow of refugees.
In an emergency meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Sunday (6/09), the country's 57-member organization calls upon the Security Council to establish a "UNITED NATIONS multidimensional peacekeeping operations in Syria to create security and stability in the country".

Refugees and entrants using rubber boats to reach Europe.
The OIC, in a joint statement, stated all the Islamic countries should accept refugees Syria as a form of affection.
But the OIC acknowledged, more than 50% of its members have not been meneken UN Convention on refugees.
Appeal OIC issued on the same day when Germany, Austria and Czech Republic tighten border surveillance following the banjirnya of refugees and immigrants in Europe.
Germany estimated 800,000 people will seek shelter and livelihood in the country this year.
The Western Europe is being hit by a wave of refugees and immigrants, mostly from Syria but some are coming from Afghanistan, Eritrea and other countries to escape from war and poverty.

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